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UMass PSE Graduate Program

We provide a broad education, spanning core principles in synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials science, and engineering - defining the frontiers of polymers and soft materials through research, scholarship and community.

Upcoming Events

  • Aug

    Douglas Hall

    Self-Limiting Morphologies in Geometrically Frustrated Assemblies Advised by: Greg Grason
    Dissertation Defense
  • Sep

    Professor Anita Shukla

    School of Engineering Brown University Stimuli-Responsive Antimicrobial Biomaterials Hosted by: E. Bryan Coughlin
  • Sep

    Professor Megan Robertson

    Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering University of Houston
  • Sep

    Professor Zhen-Gang Wang

    Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology

Alumni Spotlight

Hyunki Kim '14 - Senior Research Scientist - 3M Company

Currently, I am working as a senior research scientist at 3M Corporate Research Materials Laboratory, developing functional adhesives for optoelectronic applications in Dr. Jason Clapper’s group. When I started to work at 3M, it became very clear that I was lucky to take Prof. Crosby’s adhesion class in my final semester! Also, I keep revisiting the first-year class notebooks as they are so valuable for my current research project at 3M. I am grateful to be connected to UMass PSE networks in industry and academia, which help me to perform my research better and develop my career. I highly value my time at UMass PSE and this is my strong foundation to grow as a scientist!

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